Kostbade Baltic Sea Breakaway - Sailing across the Baltic Sea to freedom. 30

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engelAngel's trumpets (Brugmansia) are a genus of plants in the nightshade family (Solanaceae). They are native to South America, but have been widely cultivated for their showy flowers.


Many individual theories are discussed in photography, as a unified and comprehensive 'theory of photography' is still lacking. In photographic practice, the desired pictorial message is increasingly determined by the appropriate photographic techniques.


Clivia, also known as strapleaf, has a long history in Europe. Originally from South Africa, it was named Clivia after a botanical revision by Lady Charlotte Florentine Clive, the Duchess of Northumberland.


On this page you can learn about the domesticated species of the genus Capsicum. The family Solanaceae consists of the subfamilies Cestreae (tobacco), Nicandra (poison sumac), Solaneae with the genera Capsicum and Solanum, and Datura.


The Baltic Sea Border Tower is a unique place where you can authentically experience the history of the division of Germany. Climb the tower and enjoy the view over the vast horizon of the Baltic Sea, which was once the border. Learn about the techniques used to monitor the border on a historical tour or visit our museum.

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